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What is Reflexology?
  How does Reflexology work?  How may Reflexology help you?

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    This site will aim to give you an understanding of this therapy; what it can and does achieve; and how you too, can try Reflexology.

    In the few years that I have practised, I have noticed that almost everyone likes to try Reflexology. I have demonstrated at several local Complementary Health Shows and found that people can't wait to get in the chair and relax. Some people expect it to tickle or hurt; are acutely aware of the look, shape or even smell of their feet; but after some reassurance and an experience of the treatment, most come back for more. Reflexology aims to bring mind and body to an equilibrium; it relaxes, eases stress; is effective in helping ailments and conditions, and most importantly; it gives you time to yourself, for your own well-being and personal space.

    The people that have experienced Reflexology are sometimes astounded at the effectiveness of the treatment. It can have effects physically, psychologically and emotionally. There are many studies which reflect its ability which can be found in the Links section. But for the time being, I shall endeavour to explain a bit more about Reflexology and how it works.


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